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Joystiq July 2010

Acknex Users Magazine Issue #92

Acknex Users Magazine Issue #77

What People Are Saying

Impressive as it is like several games into one

The racing looks like it sorta has a Mariokart vibe to it, which I love. The dogfights/tank-battles seem intense and very entertaining. Silas already looks incredibly fun, I can't wait till its finished!

This looks like a very interesting game. We should have more vehicle combat style games like these! I wish you guys the best of luck in this game and also you future endeavors...

"Fantastic, like? ZeroGear, just 200 times better. Looks like real fun. Think I`ll buy this if it ever will be released on Steam."

"Lools like the better Mario Kart. Looking forward? to this. Please release it on Steam."

"It's? Mario Kart on steriods and hate"

"Actually the graphics are? very nice (cartoony like). Reminds me of Serious Sam, which is a good thing."

"WOW! this looks really good! +1 tracker!"

"Awesome Concept! Will eagerly be watching!"

"I hope Silas gets the respect and fan support it deserves"

"awsome reminds of UT 'n halo cause of banshee wit psychedelic colors!"

"makes me want to kill shit ~ sign me up"

"Screen look good. Nice graphics. I think we need more vehicular combat in games in general. Ahh, the good ol days of Twisted Metal and Vigilate 8."

"I like how varied the levels are. You have a nice style going with all the vibrant colours."

"I like the looks of the snowy levels. But all the levels have a nice creative feeling, very well done."

"Just wanted to say, after seeing the video, looks great, especially in motion and almost definitely a lot of fun to play!"

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